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GIS Map Gallery

Below you will find collections of some of our pre-compiled/static GIS maps. Overtime we will add additional maps and collections as they are published. If you need a map that isn't shown in any of the collections below feel free to contact the GIS team at

  • Campus Basemaps

    This collection includes all of our published campus basemaps. *Currently limited to the Pullman campus, additional campuses will be added in the future.

    Click link to view this collection:
    The Campus Basemap Collection

Static vs. Dynamic

Static maps, like those found in this gallery, are maps that represent the data at the time that the map was compiled. It's like taking a picture or creating a screenshot of a map. They are only as current and up-to-date as the data was at the time of the maps creation.

Dynamic maps however are a bit different and are like those found in our GIS Mapping Apps. Whenever a map or map layer is requested you are viewing the most current and up-to-date data that we can provide in the GIS. You aren't viewing a snapshot, but rather the data as it is in its current state.

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