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Uh oh, having problems?

If you are having problems installing the Silverlight plugin please visit Microsoft's Silverlight FAQ. Please note that if you are using a Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 device that Silverlight will only install on the desktop's Internet Explorer. Silverlight is NOT compatible with the "Windows 8 home screen IE", often referred to as the "Metro" IE or the Windows 10 EDGE browser.

Using a Mac? No problem! Silverlight can be installed on Safari and Firefox for Mac OS. Unfortunately, at this time there is no support for Silverlight on iOS devices.

Find a bug in the App?

Sorry about that, please send us an email at explaining the issue. Please include as many details as possible so we can make sure to get it fixed.

How do I use the App?

If you have questions on how to use the application please refer to the in app Help, available by clicking where ever you see a "?" icon. Or by reading the user guide which is also available from the information menu of the application.

GIS Terminology

Definition from: The ESRI Press, 'Dictionary of GIS Terminology', Jan 2001
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